Do you have Indatagestion?


Indatagestion can be a severe condition that affects the overall health of an organization and its employees – including its executives. Typically, it’s the result of too much data flooding into an organization with no ability to process and make sense of the data. Indatagestion can cause lower profitability, asset bloat, as well as brain fog and anxiety when faced with decisions or opportunities.

Indatagestion is widespread and felt by 70% of executives around the world sapping team energy, reducing revenue and draining profitability. It is treatable.


  • Spreadsheet Shock Headache:  You stare at multiple spreadsheets with millions of rows and can’t make sense of it causing stress induced headaches.
  • Brain Fog: Slow to process situations or make decisions because the amount of data is overwhelming.
  • Declining Profitability: Inability to make data-based decisions causes loss of margin and revenue.
  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Opportunities): Constant anxiety knowing there is opportunity in your data but you can’t access it.
  • Asset Bloat: You find yourself with too many assets because of poor allocation and a weak maintenance program.
  • Flat Feet: Often, organizations will find themselves flat-footed and unable to move in dynamic environments.
  • Nausea: You feel as if you want to vomit.


Indatagestion has many possible causes. Often, Indatagestion is related to weak or poor systems and lack of real time data but can be triggered by new competitors or unplanned events that force course corrections. 

  • No strategy or systems to handle massive amounts of data
  • Lack of integration capabilities to use multiple data streams
  • Improper hardware and software strategy deployment
  • Wrong or lack of a strategic data partner


Driver Behaviour

Multiple Providers

Vehicle and Fuel Usage

Driver Video Footage

Data Chaos

Diagnosis and Treatment

The World Institute for Indatagestion (WII) reports that treatment is available from an advanced fleet intelligence platform called Powerfleet Unity.

 Indatagestion is serious and represents a mortal threat to organizations everywhere. The key is to treat Indatagestion early and not let it spread and consume the organization.

Important Safety Information

Powerfleet Unity is a prescription medication that may cause serious side effects, including: 

• Data-driven decision making
Increased profitability
Improved visibility and productivity
• Increased employee satisfaction and retention
Delighted customers 

Are you suffering from Indatagestion? Powerfleet can help. Contact us today to begin your consult.